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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Floor Talk: Removing Heel Marks from Floors

Floor Talk:  Removing Heel Marks from Floors

Are your tile floors marked up with ugly heel marks?  There is an easy way to remove these black marks if your floors have wax on them.  Simply take a tennis ball and rub it on the heel mark.  Use it like a pencil eraser.  The heel marks usually disappear with very little effort.  If [...]

December 21, 2012 david Cleaning Tips 0

Waterfed Pole Cleaning System

Waterfed Pole Cleaning System

Are you having trouble cleaning the 3rd and 4th floor windows in your building?  Is it too expensive?  Is it unsafe?  Are you renting lift trucks and asking your employees to lean over the edge and wash the windows?  Are you not cleaning these windows at all? I recently learned of a solution to these [...]

December 3, 2012 david Cleaning Products 0