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4 Tips To A Longer Lasting Vacuum

4 Tips To A Longer Lasting Vacuum

Vacuums are not tanks.  They will break if you ram them, jam them or mistreat them.  If you follow a few simple guidelines, your vacuum should last and keep your carpets clean for years.   

Here are 4 simple things you can do to lengthen your vacuum’s life: 

  • Before you begin vacuuming, scan the room and pick up and large objects like pennies or bolts or nails.
  • Change the bag regularly.  If the bag is full and you fail to change it, the airflow is reduced and the motor is forced to work too hard and can overheat.
  • Do not ram the vacuum into walls or furniture.  This will destroy your vacuum quickly.
  • Carry the vacuum when necessary.  Instead of dragging the vacuum over hard tile or concrete or down stairs, pick it up and carry it.  Dragging the vacuum will break the vacuum.

Let us know if you have questions about your vacuums or carpets. 

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