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7 Steps to a Cleaner Toilet

Beth Elliott April 14, 2014 Cleaning Tips, Uncategorized No Comments
7 Steps to a Cleaner Toilet

What do you think when you walk up to a toilet to use it and its dirty?  What goes through your mind when the bowl has brown rings in it or the base has lots of yellow spots?  You don’t like it.  You’re probably grossed out and may even consider looking for another toilet to use.

If you want your toilets to sparkle, follow these 7 steps when cleaning them:

  1. Spray the entire toilet with disinfectant cleaner.
  2. Allow the disinfectant to “dwell”.
  3. Spray bowl cleaner on a Johnny Mop and clean inside the bowl.
  4. Use a clean cloth and wipe the entire toilet seat.
  5. Using the same cloth, start cleaning at the top of the tank and work your way down.
  6. Clean under and around the seat hinges.
  7. Kneel down and clean the entire base of toilet and the floor behind it.


Are the toilets in your building clean?  How about the base and the floor behind it?


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