Are You Wasting Money on Trash Bags?

There are two types of trash bags, which are also known as can liners.  The first type is heavy duty can liners and they’re called low density liners.  The second type is high density can liners.  If you’re using low density liners, you may be wasting money.

Low density can liners are thick and expensive.  They are the lawn and garden type of liners.  They give and stretch.  You’ll see them in black and white.  Black is normally for the large containers.  The white ones are normally for small containers, like kitchen trash cans and desk trash cans.  The problem with low density bags is that they’re expensive and normally you don’t need that much bag for the type of trash that you deal with daily.

So what you want to do is try to purchase high density bags.  High density bags don’t give as much and they’re a little thinner.  However, they will adequately handle most types of trash.  In fact, they will handle about 85-90% of the trash produced in office buildings.

Here’s the moral of the story.  Don’t waste your money on low density can liners.  Only use the thick can liners when they’re needed!

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