Backpack Vacuums are Here to Stay

We have written about the benefits of backpack vacuums in the past.  In one article, we explained that there are three reasons you should use backpack vacuums.  First, they are more efficient.  Second, they allow you to clean more areas, more often.  Lastly, they are helpful in performing detail vacuuming.

Earlier this week I noticed an article at titled Schools Benefit from Backpacks:  Backpack Vacuums Improve Efficiency and Productivity.  Here is the link:–17832  This article told the story of a school district in Missouri that, after testing the backpacks, stopped using upright vacuums and replaced all of its 110 vacuums with new backpacks.

The article cited these two reasons for the change:

  1. Cleaners that used backpacks cleaned approximately 25% more square feet per hour that those using uprights.
  2. Backpack vacuums remove approximately 40% more dirt that uprights because backpacks can access hard to reach areas.

The trend in the cleaning business is definitely toward backpacks.