Blind Cleaning 101

Have you ever wondered how to clean your blinds?  Well different people use different methods of cleaning them.  Below is a breakdown of three different methods that people use to clean blinds.

  1. Vacuum the blinds using a brush attachment. When doing so, remember to vacuum across the slats and not up and down. Another key thing to remember is that dust accumulates on both sides of the blinds so be sure to vacuum both sides. While the vacuum method is effective, it is not the best method for a deep clean. Methods 2 and 3 provide better deep cleaning options.
  2. Dust the blinds with a microfiber duster. Close the blinds and sweep the duster vigorously on the blinds.  Dust vertically and horizontally.  Do this on both sides.  Another option when dusting blinds is to open them and dust in-between each row of slats. This is slower but some people like to clean this way.
  3. Spot clean them. Spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down the dirty area of the blind.  This is time consuming, but is very targeted and effective.

The final step in cleaning blinds, no matter what method you choose to use, is to wipe down the windowsill upon completion of cleaning the blinds. This is important because dust and dirt may fall from the blinds during the cleaning process and accumulate on the windowsill.