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Clean Pays! – Part I

david July 27, 2012 Importance of Clean No Comments
Clean Pays! – Part I

You’re in business to make money.  You’re in business to get and keep customers.  Therefore, you need to understand that having a clean workplace can help your workplace increase revenue (or decrease expenses).

Customers are attracted to places that are really neat and clean.  They look for reasons to go back to these places.

A few years ago my extended family went on a vacation together.  We drove to St. Louis.  On the way, my brother demanded that we pull over at a Quik Trip in Tulsa.  This was not a polite request.  It was a demand.  When I complained about pulling over unnecessarily, he told me to just shut up and that I’d understand after we went inside.

When I walked in the Quik Trip store I immediately saw a neat, clean and very well organized convenience store.  It was the nicest convenience store that I’d ever seen in my life.  I was impressed.  The store was spacious.  The floors were clean.  The drink machines were clean.  The place was dust free and clutter free.  Today, when I see a Quik Trip, I often pull over.

I’m not alone.

I recently googled “Quik Trip” and I found this review on InsiderPages.com for a Quik Trip store in Woodstock, Georgia:

Quik Trip on HWY 92 is always a pleasure.  The store is clean, the bathrooms are ALWAYS clean…

PROS:  Clean bathrooms.
CONS:  This place is packed, with good reason.

Quik Trip is a successful company.  They did over $8 billion in revenue is 2007.  They have over 570 stores.

Customers like clean places.  They go back to clean places.

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Is your business clean?  Do customers visit your building and leave with a desire to return?

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