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Clean Pays – Part II

david July 27, 2012 Importance of Clean No Comments
Clean Pays – Part II

When was the last time you visited a place that was dirty?  A place with sticky floors and dusty lampshades?  Did you want to go there again?  Of course not!  People do not like dirty places.

People avoid places that are not clean.

I live near Oklahoma City.  There used to be a restaurant here that I loved.  It had great food.  Unique food.  Unfortunately,  it was often empty.  We’d take friends to eat there and they’d always say, “It was OK”.

I couldn’t understand why they didn’t like it.  But now that I look back, I do.  The problem was simple.  It was dirty and people don’t like dirty places.  The baseboards were caked with grease and grime.  The walls were gross.  The carpet was dirty.

While I was willing to eat there despite the nastiness, others were not.  This restaurant is now closed.  It had a good product.  But it’s still closed.  It eventually shut down because people avoid dirty places.

Is your workplace dirty?  Have you lost customers because it’s not clean?  You will lose customers and money if your workplace is dirty.  This is something you should think about.

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