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Clean Your Office and Decrease Employee Turnover

Clean Your Office and Decrease Employee Turnover

Would you like to decrease employee turnover?  Then clean your building.  I mean really clean it.  People like to work in clean places.

The management at Quik Trip have figured this out.  We discussed Quik Trip a few days ago on this blog.  Quik Trip has clean convenience stores and customers like it.

Well, there is another group of people that like it.  The employees of Quik Trip.  Quik Trip’s full time turnover is 12%.  This is very low for the convenience store industry.  Quik Trip is regularly listed as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for.  (http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies/2010/snapshots/41.html)

I know there are lots of different reasons that employees like Quik Trip.  But one of the reasons is that the stores are clean and employees like working in clean places.  The cleanliness creates a sense of pride amongst the employees.  This cleanliness is good for morale.  The employees are proud to show off their store to their friends and family.  They are not embarrassed of where they work.  The bathrooms are not gross.  They do not smell.  The tile is not discolored with dirt buildup.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  The stores are clean, organized and spacious.  You can tell by looking at the faces and body language of Quik Trip employees that they are proud of where they work.

Is your turnover high?  Is your building so clean that it creates a sense of pride in your employees?  Are your employees excited to show people where they work?

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