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Did You Know Japanese Toilets Could Do This…?

Beth Elliott July 8, 2014 Miscellaneous, Uncategorized No Comments
Did You Know Japanese Toilets Could Do This…?

This may be old news to you, but we recently learned that Japanese toilets can do amazing things.  The Japanese have cutting edge toilet technology that we’re missing in the United States.

Here are a few of the cool things that Japanese toilets have or can do:


  • Seat Warmers – Never sit a cold toilet again.
  • Deodorizers – Never be embarrassed by restroom odors again.
  • Health Analysis – The toilets can analyze your waste and give you a health report.
  • Music – The toilets have speakers that will play your favorite tunes.
  • Keypads and Remote Controls – They will control the features listed above.


These are just a few of the features that we’ve learned about.  It is also our understanding that these “smart” toilets are common in Japan.

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