Disinfect in an Instant?

I just recently discovered a new product that seeks to help facility managers that want to “disinfect” and “deodorize” their facilities faster or better.  The product is called Aseptic Plus+ and is produced by Aseptic Health, LLC.

According to company literature, Aseptic Plus+ is an odorless, non-toxic, EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant that kills 20+ kinds of bacteria and viruses and eliminates odors.  The company says that the product’s secret is that it kills the nucleus of the bacteria while most other cleaners only kill the shell.

One unique thing about this product is the application process.  You can apply this disinfectant by spraying or fogging.  Unlike most other disinfectants, Aseptic Plus+ can be sprayed onto a surface or “fogged” into a room.  Most disinfectants are just wiped or mopped onto a surface.  This is a slow and laborious process.  Spraying or fogging a room should be much faster.