Ever Heard of Presenteeism?

Have you ever gotten up in the morning with chest congestion and a horrible headache and still gone to work?  Of course you have!  This is called presenteeism.  Presenteeism is showing up for work when you’re sick.  Lots of people don’t like to miss work so they show up and gut it out.  While this is admirable, their productivity is still decreased.

Employers are very familiar with absenteeism, which is missing work because of being sick, and the impact it has on their bottom line. However, very few employers have considered the costs of presenteeism.  Sick employees are costly to employers.  While it is definitely costly when an employee gets sick and misses work, it’s also costly when an employee gets sick and shows up for work.  When we are sick, we are less productive.  We are sluggish and slow.  Our brain does not process well or clearly.

Like we have discussed in the past on this blog, it’s important to provide a clean workplace to employees so they will get sick less often.  If you clean your workplace well, there are fewer germs and bacteria and less dirt and mold.  Illness and allergies will be reduced and your employees will be more productive.