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Everyone Will Know If This Area is Dirty!

david March 6, 2013 Cleaning Tips No Comments
Everyone Will Know If This Area is Dirty!

Almost every person that enters your building will walk through the front door and through the entry area.  Customers walk through the entry area.  Employees walk through the entry area.  The owner of the business walks through the area.  It’s a high traffic area!

All of these people notice when the area is clean and when the area is dirty.  They will like it if it’s clean and they won’t like it if it’s dirty.  While it’s important for the entire building to be clean, it’s extra important to keep the high traffic areas clean.

Here are several things you can do to maintain a clean front entry area:

  • Clean the windows and the front door often.
  • Dust the window frames and ledges often.  Remove any and all dead bugs.
  • Clean the walls.  This gets overlooked a lot.
  • Sweep and mop the floors regularly.  Make sure the corners are clean.
  • Clean underneath and behind plants and furniture.

How does the front entry area of your building look?  How often are you having it cleaned?

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