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Floor Talk: Removing Heel Marks from Floors

david December 21, 2012 Cleaning Tips No Comments
Floor Talk:  Removing Heel Marks from Floors

Are your tile floors marked up with ugly heel marks?  There is an easy way to remove these black marks if your floors have wax on them.  Simply take a tennis ball and rub it on the heel mark.  Use it like a pencil eraser.  The heel marks usually disappear with very little effort.  If the heel marks won’t go away, it’s possible that the heel mark is “underneath” a coat of wax.

If there are lots of heel marks on the floor, you can attach a tennis ball to a long pole so you don’t have to bend over.  This may sound strange, but it’s actually kind of fun to roam the halls and clean up your floors with a tennis ball pole!


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