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Four Costly Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Building

david February 18, 2013 Importance of Clean, Miscellaneous No Comments
Four Costly Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Building

Mistake #1:  Failing to use floor mats.  If you’re not using floor mats, your building will be dirtier than it needs to be.

Advice:  Use floor mats.  They prevent A LOT of dirty from entering your building.

Mistake #2:  Using an old fashioned mop and mop bucket to mop your floors.  Mops and mop buckets are problematic.  They are gross.  They are difficult to use.  They require you to clean with dirty mop water.

Advice Throw away the old fashion mop and mop bucket and start using a microfiber mopping system.  Microfiber mops clean and disinfect at the same time.  They clean faster and better.  They are easier to use.  They eliminate mopping with dirty water.  Microfiber mops will clean edges without damaging baseboards, walls or furniture. Microfiber mops don’t leave mop strings on the floor.

Mistake #3:  Failing to eliminate slip and fall hazards.  Slip, trip and fall accidents cost businesses millions every year.

Advice Eliminate slip, trip and fall hazards.  Keep hallways and walkways clear.  Remove all obstructions.  Boxes or computer parts left in these areas can cause people to trip, fall and get injured.  Keep stairwells and steps clear.  Sweep these areas so people do not slip on twigs or leaves.  Immediately clean up spilled liquids.  Spills cause slips.  Smooth out edges of floor mats.  People trip and fall when floor mats don’t lie flat.  If the floor mat will not lie flat, buy new mats.

Mistake #4:  Not making cleaning of your building a high priority.  If you fail to clean your building well, you will lose customers.  Your customers do not like dirty buildings and they avoid going to dirty buildings.  Clean buildings are safer and healthier.  If your building is dirty, the morale and productivity of your employees will decrease.

Advice:  Clean your building well.  Make it a priority.  Your customers will like it and your employees will like it.  If you don’t, it will cost you.


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