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Four Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Microfiber Mops – Part I

Four Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Microfiber Mops – Part I

 Microfiber mopping systems are great.  They clean better than traditional mops.  They are more efficient than traditional mops.  And they eliminate cross contamination.  However, using microfiber mopping systems correctly is critical if you want your floors as clean as you’d like them.

 Here are four mistakes you want to avoid when using a microfiber mopping system. 

 Mistake #1:  Failing to launder your microfiber mopping pads. 

 Microfiber mops have three parts, which are (1) a handle, (2) a frame and (3) an interchangeable mopping pad. 

 Microfiber mops work well because they hold the soil in the fibers.  This is good because you get the dirt out of the building instead of spreading it around inside your building.  However, when the pad is full of dirt it will not clean effectively.    

 Solution:  After using a pad, you must take it home and wash it in the washing machine.  If you forget to take the pad home and wash it, the pad will not clean effectively the next time you try to use it.  Launder your pads after every use!

 Mistake #2:  Using too much cleaning solution. 

 The old adage “If a little is good, then more is better” is not true when discussing cleaning chemicals.  When using a microfiber mopping system, you place your pads in a bucket and then pour in the appropriate amount of water and cleaning solution.  If you accidentally (or intentionally) mix in too much cleaning solution and then clean the floor with the pads, the floors will become sticky or streaky.  This is not good.

 Solution:  Never use more cleaning solution than is recommended!  Follow the dilution ratio instructions that are included with the cleaning solution.  Use precise measurements. 

 Stay tuned and next time we’ll discuss Mistake #3 and #4.

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