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Four Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Microfiber Mops – Part II

Melanie Thomas August 16, 2013 Cleaning Tips, Importance of Clean No Comments
Four Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Microfiber Mops – Part II

Last time we learned about two mistakes you want to avoid when using a microfiber mopping system.  Today we’re going to learn about two other mistakes you need to avoid.  

Mistake #3:  Using a dry pad.  Microfiber mopping systems are pretreated with a specific amount of water and cleaning solution to effectively cover 200 to 400 square feet.  If you try to clean too much area the pad becomes dry and this may cause streaks.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to see the streaks until after the floor is dry. 

Solution:  The best way to eliminate this problem is to regularly change the pads.  Change them every 200 to 400 square feet.  It’s also helpful to know that, when it becomes dry, the mop will be difficult to use.  It will be hard to move back and forth across the floor. 

Also, make sure you pretreat enough pads.  You don’t want to run out in the middle of a mopping job! 

Mistake #4:  Failing to purchase enough pads.  If you don’t purchase enough pads, you’ll end up using dirty pads (See Mistake #1) or dried out pads (See Mistake #3).  This is a common mistake and leads to dirty or streaky floors. 

Solution:  Purchase plenty of pads.  It’s better to have a few too many and a clean floor than not enough pads and a dirty floor.

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