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Four Strategies to Make Your Restroom Smell Better

david January 31, 2013 Cleaning Tips No Comments
Four Strategies to Make Your Restroom Smell Better

Do your restrooms ever smell badly?  Would you like to eliminate those terrible odors?  If so, keep reading…

Here are four strategies you can employ to improve the smell in your restrooms:

Strategy #1:   Confirm that your toilets and urinals are flushing effectively.  Restrooms smell when human waste remains in a restroom.  If your toilets are not flushing well, then waste will remain in the toilet thereby creating an unpleasant odor.  If your toilet is flushing weakly, then the flushing mechanism in your toilet might be broken.

Strategy #2:  Detail clean the outside of the toilets and urinals and the surrounding areas, including the floor and walls.  Detail clean the inside of the toilets and urinals.  Remove the human waste and your restrooms will smell better!

Strategy #3:  Install an air care system.  If lots of people are using a particular restroom and it’s not being cleaned frequently enough, it will stink.  In such cases, you might consider installing an air care system.

Strategy #4:  If the nasty odors persist, you might need to clean the restroom more often.  If your restrooms are cleaned only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the buildup of human waste in between cleanings might be causing the odors.  Regular cleaning is the most effective way of eliminating odors in the restroom.

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