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Grout Brush: Your Toothbrush on Steroids

Grout Brush:  Your Toothbrush on Steroids

Have you ever used a toothbrush to clean something?  Tile.  Shower or elevator tracks.  Window frames.  Drains.  Toilet hinges.  Around appliance knobs or buttons.  Around stove burners.  Other small or hard to reach areas.

While a toothbrush can be a helpful cleaning tool, I’ve got a better idea.  Use a grout brush instead.  A grout brush looks similar to a toothbrush.  However, it’s larger, the bristles are stiffer and it’s more effective.  They’re inexpensive to buy and their sturdy enough for tough cleaning jobs.

There are different types and sizes of grout brushes.  Let us know if you have questions about them.

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