How Often Should We Clean It?

How often should we clean our building?  Five days a week?  Three days a week?  One day a week?  Every facility manager must answer this question.  When making this determination, the facility manager must find the appropriate balance between the costs associated with more frequent cleaning versus the desired level of cleanliness.

Here’s is a sampling of some things to consider when making this decision:

  • Buildings cleaned several times per week will be cleaner than buildings cleaned one or two times per week. How clean do you want your building?
    • 70% clean?
    • 80% clean?
    • 90% clean?
  • Densely occupied buildings get dirty quickly. What is the foot traffic in your building?
    • How many employees work in the building?
    • How many customers visit the building every day?
  • Some types of work are inherently dirty and some are not. What kind of work is performed in your building?
    • Standard office work?
    • Industrial?
    • Medical?
    • Food service?