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How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a Janitorial Company- Part V

Beth Elliott December 12, 2014 Expectations, Miscellaneous, Uncategorized No Comments
How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a Janitorial Company- Part V

We’re in the middle of examining the most common transition problems that arise when a customer hires a new janitorial service.  Below is a discussion of Problem No. 6.

Problem No. 6:   Missing Paper Products.  It is somewhat common for a janitorial crew to show up to clean on the first night and find that all of the paper towels and toilet paper that should be in the building are nowhere to be found.

Here’s how this problem unfolds:

  • On Tuesday, the account manager for the new cleaning company and the customer contact perform a walk-through of the building.
  • The customer contact shows the account manager where the paper products are stored. The paper towels and toilet paper are in their proper place at that time.
  • On Wednesday, the janitorial crew shows up to the clean the building for the first night. The paper products are gone.
  • When this occurs, it is usually because the outgoing janitorial company took it with them when they removed all of their belongings from the building.

This doesn’t always happen, but when it does it’s a major inconvenience!

Solution:  Lock it up.  During the walk- through the account manager should make the customer aware of this problem. Additionally, the account manager should request for the customer to lock up all of the paper products on the last night that the outgoing cleaning crew is in the building.  Thankfully this is a pretty easy problem to solve!

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