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How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a Janitorial Company- Part VI

How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a Janitorial Company- Part VI

We’re in the middle of examining the most common transition problems that arise when a customer hires a new janitorial service.  Below is a discussion of Problem No. 7.

Problem No. 7:   Conflicting Instructions.  Here’s one way this occurs.   The salesman for the janitorial company puts the bid and price together based on certain factors and information.  This information comes from data gathered during a walkthrough of the building and details received from the customer contact.  For example, the customer contact may request for the janitorial company to clean only half of the second floor and the price is calculated with that in mind.  However, on the first night of service, an executive that offices on the second floor informs the cleaner that he is supposed to clean the other half of the second floor.  This leads to confusion because this new instruction directly conflicts with the plan he received from the account manager and/or the customer contact.

Solution:  Communicate.  This problem is near impossible to prevent, but should be easy to resolve.  Communication is the magic bullet.

The following are steps that the janitorial company should take:

  • The cleaner should immediately (and discreetly) inform the account manager of the issue.
  • The cleaner should clean the area in question (unless told otherwise by the account manager).
  • The account manager should call the customer contact the next day and discuss how to handle the matter going forward.

When these steps are taken, this issue is quickly resolved (usually)!

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