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How to Handle Scuff Marks on Walls

Beth Elliott April 7, 2014 Cleaning Products, Cleaning Tips No Comments
How to Handle Scuff Marks on Walls

One of my colleagues walked into my office last week and he was really excited.  He was fired up because while he was in a customer’s building he was able to easily remove some scuff marks from the walls and from the bottom of several doors.  When he returned to the building the next day the customer approached him and told him that the walls looked great.  He wanted to know what product he used to make them look so good. 

Here is the answer to the customer’s question:  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original.  This product is a cleaning pad that is used to remove scuff marks and dirt from walls, baseboards, floors, doors, and blinds.  The eraser uses mini-scrubbers that are water activated that reach into grooves and removes dirt.

The Magic Eraser got the customer excited and this got my colleague excited. 

What did you use to clean your walls and doors?

Let us know if you want more information on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

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