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How You Can Use Your Toilet to Save $$$ and Help the Environment

david February 28, 2013 Cleaning Products No Comments
How You Can Use Your Toilet to Save $$$ and Help the Environment

You’ve probably heard of waterless urinals.  As you would expect, they use less water than regular urinals.  This saves money and has environmental benefits.  Unfortunately, they can be expensive to purchase and install.

I recently discovered an interesting alternative.  Did you know that you can convert a urinal in your building into a waterless urinal for under $160?

Last month Betco was showing a product at a janitorial trade show that will do just that.  I have never tried it and I don’t know firsthand how well it functions, but I’ve heard good things.  It’s an interesting concept.

Here’s how it works.

  • You purchase a SmartValve and SmartScreen from Betco.
  • You remove the flush handle from the urinal and install the SmartValve.  Rotate the SmartValve to cut off the water supply.  The SmartValve is a metal object that looks like a big bolt.
  • You place a SmartScreen in the urinal.  The SmartScreen is designed to fight odors.  It’s a plastic screen with a cleaning disc/block inside of it.
  • You clean the toilet regularly and replace the SmartScreen as needed.

I don’t sell this product, but I find it interesting and thought you might like to know about it since it might be able to save you money and water.

I plan to research and monitor this product in the upcoming months.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.  Let me know if you’ve tried it or know more about it!

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