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Improving the Smell of Your Restrooms with Air Care Systems – Part I

Melanie Thomas May 24, 2013 Cleaning Tips No Comments
Improving the Smell of Your Restrooms with Air Care Systems – Part I

You’ve probably heard this saying – If it smells clean, then it is clean.   Well, people also believe the opposite – If it smells dirty, then it is dirty.  People especially believe this about restrooms. 

One way of improving the smell of the restrooms in your building is to install air care systems in them.  Broadly speaking, there are two types of air care systems, aerosol systems and non-aerosol systems. 

An aerosol system is a dispenser that is mounted to the wall in a restroom that sprays fragrance from an aerosol can.  You are responsible for programming the settings.  You can program the system to spray every five minutes for a 12-hour period, every 10 minutes for a 24-hour period, or some other similar setting.  Some systems only operate when the lights are “on” in the restroom.  While the life span of the aerosol can vary depending upon how you program the settings, a 7.5 ounce will normally provide 3,000 sprays.

A major benefit of aerosol air care systems is that they’re inexpensive.  A 7.5 ounce can costs less than $4.  They normally operate using two D-cell batteries.  The major disadvantage of these systems is that they often sit nonoperational after the battery dies or the can is empty.  You must pay attention to and manage the system well for them to work effectively!

Next time we’ll learn about non-aerosol air care systems.

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