Is That Your Mop or Mine?

Does your business purchase vacuum cleaners, trash barrels, floor care machinery or any other type of cleaning equipment?  If so, here are four things you should know:

  1. Label your equipment. If your business buys a trash barrel or a hammer or a vacuum cleaner, you should label it.  This eliminates future confusion about who owns it.  And if done professionally, it looks good.  You can put a company sticker on it or even write the company name neatly with a permanent marker.
  2. Clean it regularly. It’s harder to get a building clean if the equipment that you’re using is dirty.  Plus, nobody likes to look at trash barrels that are caked with grime or mop heads that are black from dirt.  Once a month (or once a quarter), clean all of your equipment.  It will look better and last longer.
  3. Repair it. Fix your equipment as soon as it breaks.  Broken equipment is often unsafe.  Vacuum cleaners with frayed cords pose electrical dangers.  Trash barrels with that are cracked will leak and cause slips and falls (and stain the carpet).  Never use broken equipment.  It’s not worth it.
  4. Buy quality equipment. Not all janitorial equipment is the same.  Some vacuum cleaners are effective at cleaning and have filters to improve air quality.  Others don’t.  Some microfiber mop heads are made with a lot of microfiber.  Other microfiber mops are made with less microfiber.  Before buying anything, do a little research or ask a cleaning professional to find out what works well and will last.