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Is Your Business at Risk for a Slip and Fall Accident?

david February 11, 2013 Health & Safety No Comments
Is Your Business at Risk for a Slip and Fall Accident?

A clean and organized facility is a safe facility.

Your employee slips, trips and falls on the job and then files a workers’ compensation claim against you. Your customer slips, trips and falls while visiting your facility and then files a negligence action against you.

You don’t want to be involved in these types of matters.  They are time consuming, expensive and exhausting.

One way you can reduce the likelihood of being involved in this type of thing is to keep your building clean and organized.

Here are few simple things you can do to avoid slip and falls in your workplace:

*  Keep hallways and walkways clear.  Remove all obstructions.  Boxes or computer parts left in these areas can cause people to trip, fall and get injured.

*  Keep stairwells and steps clear.  Sweep these areas so people do not slip on twigs or leaves.

*  Immediately clean up spilled liquids.  Spills cause slips.

*  Smooth out edges of floor mats.  People trip and fall when floor mats don’t lie flat.  If the floor mat will not lie flat, buy new mats.

Are you monitoring these issues in your facility?  Do you spot these types of issues quickly?  Do you resolve them quickly?


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