Is Your Janitorial Company Using Quality Cleaning Personnel?

Your janitorial service is only as good as the people who clean your building.  When you’re working with a janitorial service, you need to find out what screening processes they use to find their cleaning personnel.  Here are some questions you should ask.  Does the janitorial service generate a lot of applications, or do they use anybody that walks through their front door?  Do they hold screening interviews?  Do they perform background checks?  Do they require their cleaning personnel to pass a cleaning and safety test before cleaning your building?  Do they perform ongoing training?  These are all steps janitorial companies can take to make sure they’re sending quality people into your building.

Another method of determining whether the janitorial service has quality personnel is to ask them how long they’ve been in your market.  It takes time to make contacts and develop good janitors.  New entrants into a market don’t yet have these contacts.  Be wary of any janitorial company that is new to your market.