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It’s All About the Restrooms!

Melanie Thomas May 3, 2013 Importance of Clean No Comments
It’s All About the Restrooms!

 A few years ago the business management guru and New York Times bestselling author Tom Peters wrote a book titled The Little Big Things – 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence.  As you would expect, the book explores 163 different nuggets of wisdom that managers and business owners can use to pursue greatness in business.

On page number one, Tom describes the first “way” to pursue excellence as follows.  “To me, a clean and attractive and even imaginative [restroom] is the best…So…Step #1:  Mind the restrooms!” 

He goes on to explain that he visits the Wagon Wheel Country Drive In, which is the halfway point of his 87 mile drive from his home to the airport, three or four times per month.  He has selected the Wagon Wheel Country Drive In primarily because they have “clean-to-sparkling” restrooms. 

Tom’s point is simple.  People like and are attracted to clean restrooms and clean buildings.  People avoid dirty restrooms and dirty buildings.  To say it another way, filthy businesses will lose out to clean businesses.  

How clean are the restrooms in your office?  Do your restrooms attract or repel others?

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