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Microfiber Cleaning Tools

david February 7, 2013 Cleaning Products No Comments
Microfiber Cleaning Tools

Using Microfiber cleaning products can cut in half the amount of time you spend mopping or dusting.

Microfiber is a tiny, tiny fiber that is woven together and then used to create cleaning tools, such as cloths, towels, mops, dusting mitts, and dusting wands. Microfiber attracts and traps dust particles.  Microfiber has sharp edges that break apart dust, dirt, and stains and then pick it up like a magnet without scratching the surface.

You can use microfiber products to mop floors, clean baseboards, clean partitions, dust furniture, wash windows, or clean walls and vents.

Here are 11 reasons that you should be using microfiber products to clean your office:

  1. Microfiber cleans and disinfects at the same time.
  2. Microfiber cleans better.
  3. Microfiber cleans faster.
  4. Microfiber comes with versatile tools that make it easy for you to perform high and low dusting.
  5. Microfiber grabs and holds dust and doesn’t throw it into the air.
  6. Microfiber is versatile and can be used wet or dry.
  7. Microfiber eliminates mopping with dirty water.
  8. Microfiber mops will clean edges without damaging baseboards, walls or furniture.
  9. Microfiber mops don’t leave mop strings on the floor.
  10. Microfiber mops are easier to use.
  11. Microfiber mops don’t need mop buckets!

Feel free to call me if you’d like to learn more about microfiber cleaning tools.

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