Never Do This When Cleaning the Restrooms in Your Office…

Here are four things that you should never do when cleaning the restrooms in your office building:


  1. Never let toilet paper, paper towel or soap dispensers run out of product. Of all of the cleaning problems, this upsets people the most!
  2. Never forget to use microfiber cleaning tools. Microfiber cleaning tools allow you to clean restrooms quickly and effectively. For example, you can use a microfiber wall washer to clean a restroom partition in seconds. The wall washer will remove 95% of the germs at the same time.
  3.  Never forget to clean the toilet base, or the floor behind the toilet. These areas might be difficult to clean, but they get really nasty and they’re easy to see!
  4.  Never use too much cleaning chemical when mopping the restroom floor. The old adage “if a little is good, then more is better” is not true when discussing cleaning chemicals.  When using a microfiber mopping system, you place your mopping pads in a bucket and then pour in the appropriate amount of water and cleaning solution. Never pour too much. It leads to sticky or streaky floors.