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Product Review: Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

Melanie Thomas March 31, 2014 Uncategorized No Comments
Product Review:  Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

Does it irritate you when you have to unplug the vacuum cord, walk to another room, find another outlet and plug the cord in before you can start vacuuming again?  Have you ever tripped over a vacuum cord while sweeping your living room?  Have you ever shocked yourself when plugging in a vacuum cord?   

These are a few of the problems that have been eliminated by battery powered backpack vacuums.  ProTeam introduced the GoFree Backpack Vacuum.  It’s a battery powered backpack vacuum that allows you to vacuum without having to stop every 50 feet to find a new outlet. 

Several people associated with our organization have used them and here’s the report: 


  • The freedom is great.  The cord is not around to slow you down or limit you in any way.
  • You save time when you eliminate the cord. 


  • The vacuum is heavy and wearing it becomes tiring.
  • The battery lasts approximately 55 minutes.  While this is typically not troublesome, it can be a problem if you’re in the middle of vacuuming a large area and your vacuum quits on you because of a dead battery.  

While not perfect, the good news is that a cordless backpack vacuum exists in the marketplace today that works in a lot of circumstances.  I’m confident manufacturers’ will continue to improve the product in the near future.  Contact me anytime if you want more information on battery powered backpack vacuums.



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