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Recruiting: The Advantage of a Good Janitorial Company

Melanie Thomas July 25, 2013 Miscellaneous No Comments
Recruiting:  The Advantage of a Good Janitorial Company

Janitorial services are in the business of finding and working with reliable janitors.   They have janitors that are experienced, well trained and knowledgeable.  

As a general rule, your building will be cleaner if you hire a reputable janitorial service.  Good janitorial companies have created a network of quality janitors.  Good janitorial companies are skilled at interviewing janitor candidates.  They know where to find them.  They know who to hire and who to avoid.  They know how to keep great janitors.  They have made all of the mistakes and learned from them. 

Unfortunately for building owners, most janitors do a poor job.  It can be difficult to locate and keep good janitors.  This is particularly difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And, if you don’t know how to find or hire a good janitor, you’re likely going to receive poor service and your building will be dirty.

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