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The Secret that Can Save Your Floors (and Your Ears)

Melanie Thomas April 25, 2013 Cleaning Products, Miscellaneous No Comments
The Secret that Can Save Your Floors (and Your Ears)

 I want to share a simple and inexpensive secret that can make your floors look nicer, extend their life and lessen the noise in your workplace.  The secret to making all three of things happen is…using floor savers.  

Floor savers are floor pads that you slip over the feet of furniture.  They protect floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains.  They are recommended for use on the following types of flooring.  Hardwood.  VCT.  Vinyl.  Linoleum.  Finished concrete.  Ceramic tile. 

In addition to protecting your floors, they can protect your ears!  Slipping floor savers over the feet of your chairs can eliminate the horrible noise that you hear when you drag a chair across the floor. 

I don’t sell floor savers, but I can help you if you want more information.

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