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The Secret to Keeping Dirt and Debris Out of Your Building

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The Secret to Keeping Dirt and Debris Out of Your Building

Would you like to be able to prevent massive amounts of dirt from entering into your building?  Over 75% of all dirt and debris enter a building on people’s feet.  There is a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem – floor mats.  You can keep A LOT of dirt out of your building by using floor mats.

Here is some additional information about using floor mats:

  • Follow the “6 Step Rule”:  Use enough matting so that the average person will take 6 steps on the floor mats before walking on the carpet.
  • This allows dirt, gravel, tar and other debris to be “walked off” on the floor mats and not inside your building.
  • Floor mats protect the floor from damage.
  • Floor mats help keep the floor looking nice.
  • Floor mats prevent slips, trips and falls.
  • Replace floor mats when the edges start to “stick up” or they become too dirty.
  • You can purchase floor mats that display your company logo.  Floor mats are a great branding opportunity.

Do the entrances to your buildings have floor mats?  If so, are you following the 6 Step Rule?  Are your floor mats clean?  Do they project the image that you want to portray?

Let me know if you have any questions about floor mats.  While I don’t sell them, I know plenty of people that do!

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