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How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a New Janitorial Company- Part III

How to Avoid These 9 Problems When Hiring a New Janitorial Company- Part III

In two recent blog posts we examined three of the most common transition problems that arise when a customer hires a new janitorial service.   Today we’ll examine Problem No. 4.

Problem No. 4:   Key mishaps.  The major key mishap that occurs during a transition is when the janitor shows up for the first clean and the key he’s received does not work.  In other words, the key simply will not unlock the door to the building.  Sometimes he has been given an old key and the locks have changed.  Other times he has simply received the wrong key.  And sometimes a new key is made for the janitor, but it’s defective. No matter the reason, it’s a major problem when the janitor cannot get into the building on the first night!

This next key mishap is different, but closely related.  It occurs when the janitor is inside the building performing various cleaning duties and he discovers that a room that he is supposed to clean is locked but he has not received a key for that room.

Solution:  Trial run.  The account manager, when he receives the key (or keys) from the customer, should try the key and make sure it unlocks the door.  This simple step will solve most key mishaps.

The account manager should also ask the customer the following questions:

  • Are there any rooms that we’re supposed to clean that will be locked and require a different key?
  • Have you had the locks changed recently? Are you sure?



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