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Waterfed Pole Cleaning System

david December 3, 2012 Cleaning Products No Comments
Waterfed Pole Cleaning System

Are you having trouble cleaning the 3rd and 4th floor windows in your building?  Is it too expensive?  Is it unsafe?  Are you renting lift trucks and asking your employees to lean over the edge and wash the windows?  Are you not cleaning these windows at all?

I recently learned of a solution to these problems.  Unger hosted a product demonstration for Alliance Maintenance a few months ago.  They introduced us to their waterfed pole cleaning system.  It’s a window washing tool that will safely clean up to 65 feet high from the ground.  The pole is made from a carbon material.  It’s strong, but not too heavy.  The waterfeed goes through the pole and into the brush.

While I haven’t personally used this system, several of my colleagues have.  Here are their observations:

  • It works.  They cleaned windows that were 30 feet above the ground.
  • The windows were spot free.
  • It’s not easy.  The pole becomes heavy after using it for a long period of time.  With that said, it becomes easier with practice.
  • If you’re going to clean a lot of windows, you might work in pairs and take turns.
  • It’s a lot safer and easier than using a lift truck!

I don’t sell Unger products (or any other products for that matter), but I believe this pole cleaning system has real potential.  I thought it might help you solve some of your window washing problems.

Let us know if you want more information.


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