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We’re writing this blog to provide information to facility managers and others who are responsible for keeping their workplace clean.  We hope that the free information that we provide in this blog will make your job easier.  We will write on a variety of topics, including office cleaning, green cleaning, floor care, restroom cleaning, hiring janitors and janitorial services, safety, training janitors, equipment and supplies and lots of other helpful stuff!

Why Is It Important for Your Workplace to Be Clean?

In our first blog post ever, we’re going to answer this question:  Why is it important for your workplace to be clean?  Why is it important for your restrooms to be shiny, stocked and disinfected?  Should your company spend time and money to clean windows, carpet and blinds?

We believe the answer is yes.  There are four primary reasons that you should keep your building clean.

Here they are:

1.         You can make more money in a clean work environment.
2.         It is safer to have a clean workplace.
3.         it is healthier to have a clean workplace.
4.         Employee morale and productivity increase when their work environment is clean.

During the next couple of weeks we’ll explore each of these four reasons in depth.

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