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Who Should You Call When Problems Arise?

david January 28, 2013 Miscellaneous No Comments
Who Should You Call When Problems Arise?

Unfortunately, problems will arise with the cleaning of your account.  And when they arise, you want to make sure that the person responsible for managing your account is genuinely concerned with providing consistent, quality service.  This account manager needs to be committed to quickly resolving your problems in a manner that is satisfactory to you.

For this reason, when hiring a janitorial service, you need to ask who you can call to solve problems.  After identifying your account manager, you want to determine whether this person is reliable and trustworthy.  One good way of making this determination is to ask their references whether they return phone calls in a timely manner or whether they quickly resolve problems.  If the account manager is the person that sold you the janitorial services, you should evaluate whether he was easy or difficult to connect with during the sales process.  If the account manager was unreliable or hard to reach during the sales process, he will likely become much more difficult to reach when you are calling to ask him for assistance in solving customer service problems.

Another method of determining whether the account manager is likely to be dependable is to find out whether he has an ongoing financial interest in maintaining your account long term.  Great janitorial companies structure their businesses so that the person managing your account (as well as the person cleaning your account) has strong financial incentives to keep you happy every month.  For example, some companies pay the account manager a percentage of the profits earned from your janitorial account every month for as long as the company maintains the account.


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