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You Can Ruin Your Carpet if You Don’t Empty the Trash Correctly

You Can Ruin Your Carpet if You Don’t Empty the Trash Correctly

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed an ugly trail of spots on the carpet?  I’m sure you have.  It’s not a pretty sight!

Here are four tips that you should know so that this will never happen to your carpet:

Tip #1:  Never set a bag of trash on the carpet.  When you do this, the trash bag can leak and get spots all over the carpet.

Tip #2:  Never carry a trash bag over carpet.    Same as above.  Trash bags often leak!

Tip #3:  Be alert to situations where a trash bag might have a liquid in it.  Be extra careful when emptying trash in break rooms or kitchens.

Tip #4:  Adopt a trash removal plan that prevents leakage on carpet.  A trash removal plan that is efficient and effective at avoiding leakage on carpets is to use a large trash barrel with wheels and roll it from office to office.  When you enter an office, you pick up the small trash can and carry it to the barrel.  You then empty the trash from the small trash can into the large trash barrel.  Make sure the small trash can is directly over the large trash barrel when “dumping” the trash.  Lastly, place the small trash can back where you found it and move on to the next office.

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